No.1, April 10, 1975

The Danish organization Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK (Communist Working Circle, CWC) started in 1963 publishing "Orientering". In 1964 the name was changed to: "Kommunistisk Orientering" (Communist Orientation). The magazine was published untill 1969.

In 1974-5 it was published again for 5 issues. A single issue, was published in English, with articles from severel issues. The articles are online below.

After the split in 1978, Gotfred Appel published 10 issues of "Kommunistisk Orientering" from 1978-80


What is CWC pp.1-2

The Principal Contradiction pp. 2-6

The Principal Contradiction (2) pp. 6-11

Famine in India pp. 12-16