Foreword to There Will Come a Day

[There Will Come a Day ... By Gotfred Appel. Futura 1971, p. 5]


The six articles in this pamphlet were originally published in “Communist ORIENTATION” in the years 1967 and 1968. They were the result of long-term deliberations and thorough discussions among a group of people in Communist Working Circle (CWC), and they were published anonymously as an expression of the view of this organisation.

However, both the first drafts of the articles forming the basis of the concluding discussions, as well as the final text were drawn up by the undersigned, and the members of the group in question who then actively contributed to the content and form of the articles have thought it right now to add a signature to them. At the same time it must be strongly emphasized that the working out of the articles would have been impossible without the collective discussions, and without the concrete study of the Danish reality, which can only be carried out through such collective efforts.

Gotfred Appel