Communist Orientation, No. 1, April 10, 1975 - Frontpage
Communist Orientation, No. 1, April 10, 1975 - Frontpage
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About the publication:

The Danish Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK (Communist Working Circle, CWC) started in 1963 publishing “Orientering“. In 1964 the name was changed to: “Kommunistisk Orientering(Communist Orientation). The magazine was published untill 1969.

In 1974-5 it was published again for 5 issues. A single issue, was published in English, with articles from severel issues. The articles are online below.

After the split in 1978, Gotfred Appel published 10 issues of “Kommunistisk Orientering” from 1978-80


What is CWC?

Gotfred Appel5256 min read
6 min read“Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds”, KAK (“Communist Working Circle”, CWC) was formed in 1963, when a small group of people either were excluded from the Danish Communist Party or left it because they concurred in the criticism of Soviet domestic and foreign policy by the Communist Party of China, and thereby in the criticism of “modern […]

The Principal Contradiction

Gotfred Appel52816 min read
p. 2-6:
“There are many contradictions in the process of development of a complex thing, and one of them is necessarily the principal contradiction whose existence and development determine or influence the existence and development of the other contradictions”, Mao Tse-tung says in his “On Contradiction”, and later on he puts is still more precisely that “.. at every stage in the development of a process there is only one principal contradiction which plays the leading role. … Therefore, in studying any complex process in which there are two or more contradiction we must devote every effort to finding its principal contradiction.” “
The first of 2 articles on dialectical materialism.

The Principal Contradiction (2)

Gotfred Appel51927 min read
p. 6-11:
This second part will discus the development in the principal contradiction since the second world war.

Famine in India

KAK/KUF51124 min read
p. 12-16:
“From 1800 to independence India – the British colony comprising present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – experienced at least 7 major periods of famine. During the period from 1866 to 1878 alone, there were three great famine catastrophes with close to 10 million victims. Among the main reasons behind these famines was British colonization of the country.”