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Why We Support Liberation (From Liberation No. 6. Nov./Dec. 1986, pp. 19-24)

Short introduction to what Kommunist Working Group stand for.

Unequal Exchange and the Prospects of Socialism. By Communist Working Group, with Preface by Arghiri Emmanuel. Manifest Press, 1986. 233 p.

"If this is the case, if the proletariat no longer exists in our industrialized countries, if all, or almost all wage-earners, white collars and blue collars together, have become a labour aristocracy by definition producing less value than their wages allow them to appropriate and thus becoming the objective allies of imperialism, which brings them the supplement, what, then, becomes of the political action of revolutionary marxists? To whom, to which class, to which strata of society can they therefore address themselves?"…

"This is the question to which the members of the “Kommunistisk Arbejdsgruppe” have replied in this book. One must, they say, quite simply, put oneself at the service of the classes which have an interest in overthrowing imperialism, “… no matter where they are geographically”. This is clerarer and more distinct than anything that I have been able to mumble in answer here and there to my various questioners." From the preface by Arghiri Emmanuel.