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Solidaritetsarbejde : Politik eller proteinkiks

Niels Jørgensen (Foto: IF-bladet)
Interview med aktivister fra U-landshjelp fra Folk til Folk (UFF), Tøj til Afrika (TTA) - Niels Jørgensen - og Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS) om solidaritetsarbejde.

Why we support LIBERATION?

It may, on the face of it, appear strange that a political organisation in Denmark should support the publication of a periodical in Tanzania – a periodical, moreover, which addresses itself to readers in the Third World. Why do we not concentrate our efforts on political work in our own part of the world and publish a periodical aimed at the Danish Working class? Why do liberation movements and socialist forces in the Third World command the major part of our attention? This choice of priorities is the outcome of certain fundamental political considerations.

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