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Communist Orientation

Communist Orientation, No. 1, April 10, 1975 - Frontpage
The Danish Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK (Communist Working Circle, CWC) published in 1975 one issue in English - April 10, 1975.
What is CWC pp.1-2.
The Principal Contradiction pp. 2-6.
The Principal Contradiction (2) pp. 6-11.
Famine in India pp. 12-16.

The Young Communist

Young Communist - Duplicatet frontpage.
3 articles translated from the Danish "Ungkommunisten" from Kommunistisk Ungdoms Forbund (KUF):
Letter from a Journey.
Why do We Support PFLP.
Statement from KUF.

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Nyheder / News

Breakthrough News_Rania_Khalek_Torkil_Lauesen

How Sweden & Denmark Ride the Imperialist Wave

Rania Khalek from Breakthrough News interviews Trokil Lauesen on imperialism in Sweden and Denmark.
Mural with Leila Khaled, veteran and leading member of the PFLP, somewhere along the apartheidwall. Photo: Boris Kasimow. (CC BY 2.0).

The Palestinian Left: Past, present, and Future

An analysis and evaluation of the PFLP, the Palestine left and the struggle for the liberation of Palestine with startingpoint in the PFLP document: “Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine” (1969).

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