Turning Money into Rebellion. Forsiden
Turning Money into Rebellion. Forsiden

About the book: / Om bogen:

Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers, redigeret af Gabriel Kuhn. Udgivet af PM Press/Kersplebedeb, 2014, 219 s., ill.

The complete book is now online, with courtecy of the editor.

Some chapters is also available in Danish.
See reviews and comments on the book and other books and articles in the link collection “Blekingegade-sagen” [Blekingegade Case] at Socialistisk Bibliotek [Socialist Online Library]


Colophon: [Online in English]

About the Authors iv [Online in English]

Craftsmen of World Revolution  [Online in English] [Online på dansk her]
Klaus Viehmann

Anti-imperialism Undercover: An Introduction to the Blekingegade Group [Online in English]
Gabriel Kuhn p. 1

It Is All About Politics  [Online in English] [Online på dansk]
Niels Jørgensen, Torkil Lauesen, and Jan Weimann p. 21

Solidarity Is Something You Can Hold in Your Hands [Online in English]
Interview with Torkil Lauesen and Jan Weimann p. 93


All text are online at snylterstaten in English and Danish [Link to Documents content]

Socialism and the Bourgeois Way of Life
Gotfred Appel (1966) p.185

What Is KAK?
KAK (1974) p. 190

Manifest-Communist Working Group: A Short Introduction
M-KA (1986) p. 194

What Can Communists in the Imperialist Countries Do?
M-KA (1983) p. 203


[Online in English]

Acronyms of Political Organizations p. 210
Timeline p. 215
Convicted Blekingegade Group Members p. 219
Currency Conversion p. 219
Literature p. 219