Cover of Torkil Lauesen: The Global Perspective, Publised by Kersplebedeb, 2018
Cover of Torkil Lauesen: The Global Perspective, Publised by Kersplebedeb, 2018
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In 2016 Torkil Lauesen published a book in Danish “Det Globale Perspektiv” about a global view of the world and the development from colonialism untill today and trying to answer the important question “What is to be done”.

Now he has rewritten the book for activists globally. The book was translated to English by the left radical writer Gabriel Kuhn, who wrote the book about Torkil Lauesen and others clandestine work in ” the Blekingegade Gang”  making money to national liberation movement by robberies:

“Turning Money into Rebellion : The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers”, 1914. The book was also published in German and Swedish, and gained much interests internationally in left circles. See more here

“The Global Perspective” is published by Kersplebedeb Publishing in Canada.

Format: Paperback
Size: 544 pages
ISBN: 978-1-894946-93-3
Publisher: Kersplebedeb Publishing 2018
Price: $24.95 (USD)

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Short interview with Torkil Lauesen

Torkil Lauesen’s book bridges the gap between Third Worldist theory, and the question of “What Is To Be Done?” in a First World context. It is an important contribution towards developing an effective political practice based on the realities of the global situation, avoiding the pitfalls of sugarcoating the situation in the First World countries, or of falling into pessimistic quietism. As Torkil says, “It is a book written by an activist, for activists. Global capitalism is heading into a deep structural crisis in the coming decades. So the objective conditions for radical change will be present, for better or for worse. The outcome will depend on us, the subjective forces.”