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About the Booklet:

Published by publishinghouse Futura, 1971 36 p.

Contains 3 recast and abbreviated articles previously published as part of the debate with the Swedish organization: Kommunistiska förbundet marxist-lenisterna. What is the class struggle, the relationship between wage match and class struggle and when can you talk about a revolutionary situation, all parts of the parasite state theory. As well as a supplement with 2 letters from Friedrich Engels to August Bebel.


Ripe for Revolution

Gotfred Appel67526 min read
p. 5-18:

“One of the reasons why we have not had the socialist revolution is to be found in the fact that the economic development in our part of the world has created a working class which is unable to overthrow the capitalist class by its own strength. The lever of the socialist revolution in the fully developed capitalist countries in West Europe must not yet be applied in these countries themselves – it must be applied in the former and present colonial, semi-colonial and dependent countries!”

What is Class Struggle?

Gotfred Appel73816 min read
p. 19-26:

“A struggle for higher wages, shorter working hours, longer holidays, better working conditions etc. can  n e v e r  in itself become a political struggle, a class struggle. In “What is to be done?” Lenin unequivocally asserted that it is the purest of nonsense to try to “lend the economic struggle itself a political character”. On the other hand the economic struggle may – under certain circumstances – be  r a i s e d  to the level of a political struggle.”

The Spark and the Prairie Fire

Gotfred Appel69015 min read
p. 27-34:

THE SPARK from Gothenburg thinks itself capable of lighting a revolutionary prairie fire in Sweden. Unfortunately, there are several “sparks” of this kind in the capitalist world today. They make profuse use of quotations from Mao Tse-tung, and they do not understand what they themselves are saying. They have no idea what a revolutionary situation means. They speak of themselves as “Marxists-Leninists” and have not understood one iota of historical materialism. They hail Mao Tse-tung – and they insult him by distorting his statements and turning them into subjectivist and idealistic rubbish.

Engels to A. Bebel

Friedrich Engels7224 min read
p. 35-36:

Two letters from Friedrich Engels to August Bebel on working class and movement:

Eastbourne, 30th August 1883 and London, 20th-23rd January, 1886.

Om forfatteren / About the Writer

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Gotfred Appel, Formand og ideologisk leder af Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds fra 1964 til splittelsen i 1978. Gotfred Appel fortsatte sammen med Ulla Houton under navnet Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK.

Gotfred Appel, Chairperson and ideological leader of the Danish Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK (Communist Working Circle, CWC) from 1964 till the splitt in 1978. Gotfred Appel continuned with Ulla Houton as Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds, KAK.