Turning Money into Rebellion editet by Gabriel Kuhn
Turning Money into Rebellion editet by Gabriel Kuhn
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Anti-imperialism Undercover: An Introduction to the Blekingegade Group [Online in English] By Gabriel Kuhn p. 1

It Is All About Politics  [Online in English] [Online in Danish] by Niels Jørgensen, Torkil Lauesen, and Jan Weimann p. 21


 Written about the book:

This book is a fascinating and bracing account of how a group of
communists in Denmark sought to aid the peoples of the Third World in
their struggles against imperialism and the dire poverty that comes with
it. The book contains many valuable lessons as to the practicalities of
effective international solidarity, but just as importantly, it is a testament to
the intellectual courage of the Blekingegade Group.

Zak Cope, Author of Divided World Divided Class

Till skillnad från Peter Øvig Knudsens rafflande deckarsuccé är detta en politisk bok. Den skingrar många missförstånd, som att gruppen skulle vara en isolerad terrorsekt. Tvärtom byggde de sin antiimperialism på en sofistikerad marxistisk analys och på ett brett solidaritetsarbete. Att de lyckades verka illegalt under 20 år med miljonbidrag till PFLP får nog anses vara en helt fantastisk insats.

Unlike Peter Øvig Knudsen suspenseful thriller success, this is a political book. It dispels many misunderstandings, that the group would be an isolated terrorist sect. On the contrary, they built their anti-imperialism on a sophisticated Marxist analysis and a broad solidarity work. That they managed to work illegally for 20 years, with a million contribution to the PFLP should probably be considered a fantastic effort.

Staffan Jacobson. (Konst och Politik, 23 oktober, 2014)

Die Ausführungen zur „Schmarotzerstaatentheorie“ und die Frage nach dem revolutionären Potential der Arbeiterklasse in unterschiedlichen Teilen der Welt sind ebenfalls Themen, die zu diskutieren in syndikalistischen, sozialistischen und anarchistischen Kreisen auch heute noch spannend ist. Zudem hat die Geschichte fernab davon das Zeug zum Krimi-Bestseller und ist dementsprechend spannend zu lesen.

 The description of “parasite state theory” and the question of the revolutionary potential of the working class in different parts of the world are also issues that should be discussed in syndicalist, socialist and anarchist circles and even still today  are exciting. Moreover, the history contains much of a crime bestseller and is therefore exciting to read.

Sebastian Kalicha. (Direkte Aktion 221 – Januar/Februar 2014)

Links to several mentions and reviews found on Modkraft Library‘s bibliography: The Blekingegade case that contains a lot of material on Blekingegade case, books and articles and films – mostly in Danish, but with links to reviews in English.

About the book

The Austrian-born author and editor Gabriel Kuhn has made the anthology on the Blekinge Street Group, with a focus on the political content. It has been published in a German, English and last a Swedish version.

It was released by the German verlag Unrast in October 2013 with the title: Bankraub für Befreiungsbewegungen: Die Geschichte der Blekingegade Group. Unrast 2013, 232 p. Ill.

In August 2014 the book appeared in English by the publishers PM Press in the US and Kersplebedeb in Canada entitled: Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers, PM Press / Kersplebedeb, 2014, 240 pp., Ill.

It was later published in a Swedish version by a collaboration between Verbal Förlag and Koloni Förlag entitled Rån för revolutionen: Blekingegadegruppen inifrån, Koloni/Verbal, 2014, 240 p. ill.

The book contains an frame setting introductory chapter written by Gabriel Kuhn himself. It tells the story in outline for the sake of the international audience that does not know the story. In addition, the book contains a long article “It’s all about politics” written by three members of the group in 2009.

Then follows a long new interview with Jan Weimann and Torkil Lauesen that elaborates KAK’s and Manifest – Communist Working Group Policy. This takes place on the basis of a discussion about the difference of “Blekingegade Group” and groups like the RAF and the Weather Underground, as English and German readers know the subject better. Furthermore, there is a discussion about the situation of the anti-imperialist struggle today.

The book also includes as a documentation a number of old articles from KAK and M-KA. Among other texts, a critique of the RAF.

Gabriel Kuhn lives in Sweden and work as a writer and translator. Among his publications published by PM Press is Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age Piracy (2010) and All Power to the Councils! A Documentary History of the German Revolution of 1918-1919 (2012). In June 2014, the publisher Unrast released Gabriel Kuhn book, Die Linke und der Sport. It was later published in English as Playing as if the World Mattered: An Illustrated History of Activism in Sports [PM Press 2015, 160 pp., ill. ]

He contributes among others to the website Alpine Anarchist Productions, which among others contains book reviews, short stories, and a list of publications. There are also some interviews with him, and reviews of his books on PM Press

The preface to the German and English texts are written by Klaus Viehmann, former member of the “June 2 Movement“, a German urban guerrilla group. He was arrested in 1978 and sat fifteen years in prison.