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About the text:

From: The Young Communist, undated duplicate [ca. August 1970].

Translated from the Danish “Ungkommunisten”, Vol 3, no. 6 August 1970.

At the end of March KUF had a delegation in Holland at a preparatory meeting for a congress in Rome in support of the fighting peoples in the Portuguese colonies, represented by MPLA, Frelimo and PAIGC. This congress took place in the last day’s of June, and we also had a delegation at this meeting. The delegation in Holland made the following statement:

Communist Working Circle (KAK) was established in 1963 as a direct result of the ideological war between the Soviet Union and China. KAK followed the Chinese line. In 1968 Communist Youth League (KUF) was established as a Youth organisation attached to KAK. A year later we formed the Anti-imperialist Action Committee which works under the leadership of KUF.

In our opinion the main contradiction of the world today is between imperialism and the suppressed peoples and nations. And we consider, it our main task to find out how most effectively to fight imperialism in its home countries, that is to work out a revolutionary theory for our own country.

In view of this we have for instance actioned against a badminton match South Africa-Denmark last year (with a result this year public opinion decided that if a match South Africa-Denmark was to take place it was to be done in secret – without spectators). We have actioned against and taken part in the resistance against the imperialist propaganda film “The Green Berets” which was stopped after four days, and other things of this nature.

Parallel to this we make thorough theoretical and economic studies to lay open the theory of imperialism. We consider the breakthrough of neo-colonialism in the mid-fifties of fundamental importance in causing the passivity, racism and chauvinism of the working class in the North Western European countries. (We mean the fully developed capitalist countries in Western Europe). This is not a new phenomenon, it has deep roots in the old West European colonial tradition, represented by England, France, Holland and Belgium, and that constitutes the material basis of a bribed working class, a worker aristocracy.

The most important criterion of the economy of imperialism is the import of raw materials and the export of industrial finished products. The struggles and victories of the suppressed peoples will finish off this world monopoly and so sever the imperialist economic life-lines. This will bring about economical crises which will make it possible for the working class to act according to its own ideology, marxism. The working class will again be able to act according to pro1etarian internationalism.

On the basis of this fundamental view any anti-imperialist struggle had our full support.

The oppressed and starving shall be victorious!

KUF. Driebergen, Holland. 28-29/3-1970