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From: V.I. Lenin: On Imperialism and Opportunism, Futura 1974, 103 p., p. 17


Written April, 1899.
Published in May, 1899
in the journal Nachalo No. 5

(…) The last chapter of Hobson’s book, “Civilisation and Industrial Development,” is perhaps the best. In this chapter the author proves by a number of very apt arguments the need to reform the modern industrial system along the line of expanding “public control” and the “socialisation of industry.” In evaluating Hobson’s somewhat optimistic views regarding the methods by which these “reforms” can be brought about, the special features of English history and of English life must be borne in mind: the high development of democracy, the absence of militarism, the enormous strength of the organised trade unions, the growing investment of English capital outside of England, which weakens the antagonism between the English employers and workers, etc.


LCW vol. 4, p. 102.

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