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p. 101-103:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Better Fewer, But Better.
p. 96-100:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: The Second Congress of the Communist International.
p. 94-95:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: "Left-Wing" Communism – An Infantile Disorder.
p. 92-93:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: Draft (or Theses) of the R.C.P.'s Reply to the Letter of the Independent Social-Democratic Party of Germany.
p. 87-91:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: The Tasks of the Third International.
p. 82-84
Extract of V.I. Lenin: Session of the Petrograd Soviet.
p. 85-87:
"World history is leading unswervingly towards the dictatorship of the proletariat, but is doing so by paths that are anything but smooth, simple and straight."
p. 80-81:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Fourth Conference of Trade Unions and Factory Committees of Moscow.
p. 78-79:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Revision of the Party Programme.
p. 75-77:
Full text of V.I. Lenin: Ten "Socialist" Ministers.
p. 59-74:
Full text of V.I. Lenin: Imperialism and the Split in Socialism.
p. 57-58:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism.
p. 39-56:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.
p. 33-39:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Notebooks on Imperialism, as Pdf file.
p. 29-32:
Extracts from: V.I. Lenin: The Question of Peace.
p. 26-28:
Extract from: V.I. Lenin: The Collapse of the Second International.
s. 23-25:
Extract from a text on Karl Marx written by V.I. Lenin in a Russian Enclyclopedia.
p. 22-23:
Fuld text of V.I. Lenin: In Britain (The Sad Results of Opportunism).
p. 21:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: In America.
p. 18-20:
Extrat from V.I. Lenin: The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart.

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Breakthrough News_Rania_Khalek_Torkil_Lauesen

How Sweden & Denmark Ride the Imperialist Wave

Rania Khalek from Breakthrough News interviews Trokil Lauesen on imperialism in Sweden and Denmark.
Mural with Leila Khaled, veteran and leading member of the PFLP, somewhere along the apartheidwall. Photo: Boris Kasimow. (CC BY 2.0).

The Palestinian Left: Past, present, and Future

An analysis and evaluation of the PFLP, the Palestine left and the struggle for the liberation of Palestine with startingpoint in the PFLP document: “Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine” (1969).

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