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p. 101-103:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Better Fewer, But Better.
p. 96-100:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: The Second Congress of the Communist International.
p. 94-95:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: "Left-Wing" Communism – An Infantile Disorder.
p. 92-93:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: Draft (or Theses) of the R.C.P.'s Reply to the Letter of the Independent Social-Democratic Party of Germany.
p. 87-91:
Extract of V.I. Lenin: The Tasks of the Third International.
p. 82-84
Extract of V.I. Lenin: Session of the Petrograd Soviet.
p. 85-87:
"World history is leading unswervingly towards the dictatorship of the proletariat, but is doing so by paths that are anything but smooth, simple and straight."
p. 80-81:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Fourth Conference of Trade Unions and Factory Committees of Moscow.
p. 78-79:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Revision of the Party Programme.
p. 75-77:
Full text of V.I. Lenin: Ten "Socialist" Ministers.
p. 59-74:
Full text of V.I. Lenin: Imperialism and the Split in Socialism.
p. 57-58:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism.
p. 39-56:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.
p. 33-39:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: Notebooks on Imperialism, as Pdf file.
p. 29-32:
Extracts from: V.I. Lenin: The Question of Peace.
p. 26-28:
Extract from: V.I. Lenin: The Collapse of the Second International.
s. 23-25:
Extract from a text on Karl Marx written by V.I. Lenin in a Russian Enclyclopedia.
p. 22-23:
Fuld text of V.I. Lenin: In Britain (The Sad Results of Opportunism).
p. 21:
Extract from V.I. Lenin: In America.
p. 18-20:
Extrat from V.I. Lenin: The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart.

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