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From: On Colonies, Industrial Monopoly and Working Class Movement, Futura, 1972, 57 p., p. 34.


… The way I shall put forward the matter next Tuesday is this: that quite apart from all phrases about “international” and “humane” justice for Ireland – which are taken for granted in the International Councilit is in the direct and absolute interest of the English working class to get rid of their present connection with Ireland. And this is my fullest conviction, and for reasons which in part I can not tell the English workers themselves. For a long time I believed that it would be possible to overthrow the Irish regime by English working-class ascendancy. I always expressed this point of view in the New-York Tribune. Deeper study has now convinced me of the opposite. The English working class will never accomplish anything until it has got rid of Ireland. The lever must be applied in Ireland. That is why the Irish question is so important for the social movement in general. [11] …


[11] See page 15 in Gotfred Appel: Class Struggle and Revolutionary Situation, Futura, 1971.

MESC p. 231.
MEOC p. 332.

The complete text can be found online at History Is A Weapon.

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